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Radio Cooperativa 760 AM & 93.3 FM


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Radio Cooperativa online en linea, escuchanos en vivo! - es la más importante radio informativa de Chile. Ahora la puede escuchar en cualquier lugar del mundo, gracias al Real player


título información
Nombre Radio Cooperativa
ubicación Antonio Bellet 223, Providencia 7500025 Santiago, Chile
Dial 760 AM & 93.3 FM (http://www.cooperativa.cl/)
Eslogan Cooperativa: Conocemos a Chile
Sobre Cooperative Radio is a radio station located in the 760 kHz AM and 93.3 MHz on the FM dial in Santiago de Chile, which began broadcasting on April 21, 1935 (78 years) in Valparaiso, with the name of Radio Cooperativa Lifetime as a means of communication in the service of the Company Revenue of the same name, decided to create a company that aimed to promote that business area station.




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