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Kiss FM Tarragona


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Kiss FM TarragonaKiss FM Tarragona en directo, escuchar online en vivo por website!

título información
Nombre Kiss FM Tarragona
Eslogan ¡Vive la música!
Dial 99.5 FM (http://www.kissfm.es/)
Formato Musica
About Kiss FM is owned by Spanish radio station Kiss Media also owns Hit FM and Kiss TV. It emits a musical programming of adult contemporary radio format type with some contemporary hit radio.It began broadcasting on April 13, 2002. Since then, its success has been spectacular and has marked a milestone in the history of broadcasting in Spain, being the fastest growing audience in the history of Spanish music radio (in his second year on the air, managed to reach 1,474,000 listeners). According to the latest wave of General Media Studies, published in July 2014, Kiss FM has 943,000 listeners.The initial set is created from a rigorous selection of oldies pop music of the past three decades, with focus on ballads and melodic songs court. Emblematic songs of the Beatles, Elton John, Bryan Adams and Celine Dion lived, every day, with unforgettable performances of Ana Belen, Mecano, Alejandro Sanz …

Following changes in the tastes of your target audience, Kiss FM began to change course in 2010 and today its programming includes iconic songs of all time and the latest hits. Arguably the programming is more energetic and rhythmic. This station is one of the least publicized issues in Spain. It is a leader in its Adult Contemporary format.

The musical Kiss FM offer is completed with current information, in the form of headlines, it happens throughout programming, 24 hours a day. Kiss FM is the only Spanish musical radio news writing itself.





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