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Radio Uy Uy Uy 106.9 FM


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Category: Guatemala

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Radio Uy Uy Uy 106.9 FM Radio ¡uy uy uy 106.9 FM en linea, escuchar online en vivo por website!

título información
Nombre Radio ¡uy uy uy
ubicación 11 avenida 18 45 zona 2  01002-Guatemala City, Guatemala
Dial 106.9 FM (http://www.radiotgw.gob.gt/)
Formato Education
About Us   Radio uy uy uy  are part of group of educational radio Radial Group uy uy uy! which together with the IGER promote educational development, transmitting valuesthe ability for analysis, reflection and dialogue.
The radio were born for the Guatemalan IGER-Institute for Education by Radio-had its own way to transmit the radio class El Maestro en Casa. Father Franz, founder of IGER, had the vision that should be a priority stations had broadcast The Maestro en Casa and in tune with the IGER, were an educational and entertaining way.This dream began to materialize in July 1986 when the station was purchased International Radio, 820 AM In the following years he joined the F. M. 106.9 uy uy uy! in Guatemala, the F. M. 91.7 uy uy uy! in Sayaxché and Santa Elena, Petén. All form the radio group uy uy uy!Do you remember ditty uy uy uy!? Today, the radio returns to its roots and takes the uy uy uy! which was heard on the streets in much of the cities, towns, villages and communities of Guatemala country. Besides tropical rhythm grupero and has proposed a new schedule.Watch and listen!




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