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radio Recuerdo 690 AM


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Radio Recuerdo Emisora USA Radio Recuerdo Phoenix 103.9 – 98.3 FM en linea, escucha en vivo por website!


título información
Nombre Radio Recuerdo
ubicación Phoenix – Arizona
Dial 690 AM (http://www.josephoenix.com)
Formato Popular Musica
About In 1985 Caracol Radio the decision to create a frequency for popular music in Bogotá, given the existence of a growing audience that requests access to a station that gives them this kind of music. Radio Recuerdos is created with the initiative of Fernando Sarmiento Vergara, founder and flagship station, with a program where music like ranchera genre, Northern, guasca, the runway, bolero and music of Colombian folk are requested by listeners . Initially heard in Bogotá and the Midwest, originally from 1310 AM until the mid-80s, then it was on 850 AM, until it came into operation a now defunct news network, which moved to the frequency 690 AM , currently occupied.The audience was receptive to this proposal radio through phone calls and letters sent to the station. Part of this success of the station is given via free concerts, which attracted lovers popular musical genre, most of whom did not have access to watch live artists who long had heard on the radio. The station has programs like “The Listener Mail” where listeners, in addition to requesting the topics they want to hear also contact other listeners of the station through things like sending greetings to family.The success of Radio Recuerdos inspired other radio stations to generate similar proposals. RCN Radio Radio Recuerdos by watching retained the highest rated in the AM, the station decided to create The Loving with a scheme quite similar to Radio Recuerdos programming. Among the voices Flag Recuerdos are Radio broadcasters as Gustavo Chavez Dilsa Fandino, Hope Sandoval, Leonel Patiño and Libardo Bedoya, some of them no longer work with this radio project.




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